Combining fashion, ethics and awareness

Following appearances by Michael Kors, Anna Wintour and model Natalia Vodianova at the Harvard Business School on Monday, the fashion industry pulled a surprising and impressive move by not only joining forces to raise money for the Harris Center (an institute at Massachusetts General Hospital that focuses on eating disorder treatment and prevention), but by announcing plans to abolish the recent trend of ultra-underage models on the runway.  (Gasp!)

It’s not exactly shocking that the fashion industry has participated in questionable practises (cue: a montage of the industry’s last thirty years), but the fact that forces like Kors and Wintour have stepped up to address such behaviours is quite commendable. 

While the infamous Vogue editor went on to stress the importance of industry guidelines, the designer cited the underage trend as a huge problem.  (And the understatement of the year award goes to . . .)  The trio actually raised over $1500 for the Center, and Kors announced that he now refuses to hire models under the age of 16.  (It’s a fashion miracle!)

We can only hope that further industry heavyweights start to see the light and begin combining the worlds of ethical and awesome fashion.  In the meantime, we can be grateful that the fearless Wintour has spoken her piece, since we all know the influence of the bobbed First Lady of fashion journalism.

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