6 Ways to Stand Out

You don’t need hair extensions of Lady Gaga proportions or a nip slip a la Tara Reid to get the attention you deserve (or at least the kind you want). Sometimes it’s the simplest, classiest moves that will get you noticed. Here are a few strategies to draw eyes (and bodies) your way, no matter where you go.

Show confidence

Like bees to honey, when you exude self-confidence, you are suddenly magnetic. Careful not to confuse assurance with arrogance or an air of superiority “ confidence is about feeling comfortable in your skin and happy to be you wherever you find yourself.

A woman who looks like she will welcome any situation and make friends with anyone around her is certain to draw attention.

Pick your clothes carefully

You don’t have to drop thousands on a new wardrobe, but make sure the clothes you do have flatter you “ you’ll have more confidence if you know you look good (see above.) If you hate to shop or are unsure about what looks best, bring the girlfriends whose taste you admire into the dressing room. And if you’re still unsure, pick one standout element for every outfit: a chunky statement necklace or an eye-catching pair of suede boots in a bright colour.

Always smile

It’s easy to screw your face into a sour expression without even noticing. Try a smile and make eye contact “ it will make you far more approachable than wearing a frown and shifty eyes.

Flirt with men

You’re smiling and making eye contact “ now step it up. Hold your gaze and don’t just toss your hair, twirl it around one finger, tell a joke or laugh at one with a gentle hand on his arm.

Flirt with women

She’s wearing great boots “ so tell her. You’re wondering what kind of drink she’s sipping “ ask her. You’re not just on the make for men “ it helps to be approachable to the women too.

Be interesting

It’s not enough to stand in a corner knowing you look good, waiting until they come to you (bless those who can get away with this, but most of us cannot). Once you strike up a conversation, dazzle with your knowledge of white wine or your strange ability to recall random baseball stats “ whatever it is, let your personality shine through.

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