Get Psyched, Canada: H&M Launches Its Beauty Line in Toronto Today!

Let’s just take a step back from the wide world of pop culture and bask in the fact that autumn — and/or September, which I consider to be autumn because why wouldn’t I — brings forth change. New beginnings. Countless reasons to go shopping because all of us deserve new things after months of humidity and terribleness.

So, enter: H&M, who launch their new beauty line in Toronto today.

Yes friends, it’s happening. H&M’s beauty department opens at the Toronto Eaton Centre today, and includes a full range of haircare, body care, and beauty tools, you are welcome. Better yet? The line is based on what you see in the store, fashion-wise. So you can co-ordinate hair/makeup like it’s nobody’s business.

“We are very excited to have ‘fashion for the face’ on offer at H&M,” said Sara Wallander, concept designer at H&M beauty. “It’s an opportunity to be inventive and creative, and to have fun with colours.”

She isn’t wrong. So, what you can expect to see are 700 different makeup products as of today, with seasonal and limited edition lines promised, too. This will all also replace H&M’s existing beauty lines — the premium beauty line, and the brand’s Conscious range of Ecocert-approved sustainable products.

But wait (she said, shouting into the wind) there’s more: to get the word out there, H&M will be launching a Beauty  Bar (the H&M Social Beauty Bar, thank you) also at the Toronto Eaton Centre (on the second level near Queen Street), from September 17-20. They’ll also offer beauty gifts via social media-activated vending machine (#dream), as well as free beauty tips and makeup touch-ups from experts. We did it, everyone.

And you know what? I am into this. I like the idea of department stores, I like the idea of clothing stores offering more than just clothing, and I like makeup to the point of having too much and using about 1% of it because I’m a creature of habit who sometimes fears change. But no more! Not in Autumn 2015. Not this September, as I begin to toy with the idea of maybe trying a different shade of lipstick.

Like the Summer of George, this is the Autumn of Anne — nay, the autumn of all of us. So bring it on, beauty lines from brands we’re familiar with! I’m going to buy some goddamn glitter eye shadow.

(You guys have that, right?)




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