Alexa Chung to Launch Her Own Label

Alright, Alexa Chung fans, you've been granted your wish: the model-turned-author-turned-designer plans to launch her own label in 2014 — two years after her announcement that a label was in the cards.

So what was the hold up? Well, according to Vogue, it's not exactly like she's been sitting around. In addition to being a personality on Fuse, she wrote her first book, It, and collaborated with Eyeko. On top of that, she also fronted campaigns for L'Oreal, Lacoste, and Superga — so yes, girlfriend's been busy.

"I need some time to think about it!" Chung said to Fashionista about her upcoming label. "[2014's] going to be the first opportunity where I haven't had a nine-to-five job . . . I've been doing Eyeko, I wrote a book, I did Fuse every day, and various other design gigs and DJing. So this will be the first time to actually sort of sit down and think about it."

Chung will be leaving Fuse on Thursday, according to the rest of her interview — as well as her intention not to include cats in the collection, or high-rise leotars ala Miley Cyrus. But she's already unphased by haters — thanks to any negative reviews she's gotten on her book.

"Everything's subjective," she said. "So you kind of have to go into it with the spirit of knowing that you can't please everyone — so you just have to please yourself."

Obviously we're looking forward to seeing what she creates.

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