What Makes this Nail Polish Cheeky?

Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics is a nail polish brand that is known for it’s saucy colour names like Spank Me and Wet Dream. Their products are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP and rank 1 on the cosmetics safety database (1 being the lowest hazard score). 

We spoke with the sassy and sweet founder of Cheeky Monkey, Andrea Pahn, and got the scoop on Canada’s hottest nail polish brand.

Here are 4 Cheeky things we learned:

  1. Andrea imports parts from three countries – Spain, France and Italy – to create the highest quality nail polish bottle that doesn’t break and a brush that delivers the color to your nails evenly. 
  2. Those risk-ay names on the bottles are inspired by Andrea’s silly sense of humour. You can be the farthest thing from a ˜Raunchy Bitch’, but it’s fun to wear it. Pahn says it is all fun and games and in no way meant to be offensive. I’ve had 80-year-old women wear the polish and they get the joke.
  3. Andrea’s favourite Cheeky Monkey nail colour is ˜Ball Buster’ (a denim blue), who she says is in honour of her ex-husband. Zing! 
  4. The secret to a perfect manicure, Andrea says, is letting each layer dry completely before adding another. Not only does it help your mani last longer, it dries better, making sure that you don’t have any smudge-y disasters. 

Three reasons why we love Cheeky Monkey? It’s a fun Canadian brand, the polishes are free of all that toxic rubbish and it’s only $15 a bottle.  

Find out where to buy Cheeky Monkey near you by visiting their store locator


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