Product Of The Week: Matrix Total Results Hair Masks

If your hair and its colour is not (we repeat: not) going haywire right now, we applaud you. Because for us, static, flyaways, dryness and oily scalp, combined with a ton of colour fade have been ruling our style for months. And trust us when we say, it’s not a cute look. We miss our shiny blonde highlights.

So why we didn’t pick up a tube of Matrix’s Total Hair Results Mask in “So Silver Custom Neutralization Mask Blondes, Platine and Grays” sooner is beyond us. Because it is literally saving our hair and our pride. With two additional great options to choose from—Dark Envy Custom Neutralization Mask for Dark Brunettes and Brass Off Custom Neutralization Mask for Brunettes—these weekly repair treatments are the perfect solution for our dry and damaged locks.

Applied after we’ve shampooed and conditioned our hair and then left to sink in for five minutes, the mask is not only easy to use, its simple to add into our existing shower routine. It can also be intensified, so for the weeks when we need to kick things up a bit, we step out of the shower, towel off our cleansed and conditioned hair and then apply the mask. But that’s not all, we also turn on the blow dryer’s heat and run it across our mask-soaked hair for extra activation. Now, thanks to Total Result’s pigment-depositing formula our dull, brassy and blah-looking colour has returned to the pretty, bright and shiny blonde highlights we paid for at the salon.

And the bonus, the mask’s intense formula gives our hair the boost of extra hydration and repair it’s craving. Which means we are waving buh-bye to static and flyaways and ushering in a healthy and balanced scalp with wicked, blonde and beautiful style.

Matrix Total Results Hair Masks, $24.50 for 200 ml, available at hair salons, and on

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