Product Of The Week: Ghlee Lip Scrub

If you told us we’re a bit mouthy, you wouldn’t be the first. And if we said we’re worried about it, we’d be lying. There’s a reason every woman knows another woman with a fridge magnet that reads: “well-behaved women seldom make history.” (We’d bet good money Betty White and Ruth Bader Ginsburg each had one.) So, we take care of our lips to ensure we can keep talking a mile a minute…comfortably.  Which has recently had us leveling up our lip product, comfort zone with Ghlee’s Lip Scrub.

Not your average lippie, this scrub’s formula works as a three-in-one, purposefully made to cleanse, exfoliate and condition our lips. It’s fuelled with brown cane sugar for its sweet scent and ability to gently exfoliate dead skin, along with vitamin E, a fat-soluble which deeply penetrates our skin and preserves the lipids (otherwise known as fats) in our lips to seal moisture in and slow down the natural dehydration occurring from the weather, forced indoor air, eating and, in our case, so much talking.

And then there’s ghee, the Toronto-based brand’s hero ingredient. A clarified butter, with roots in South and South-East Asia, and made from cows’ milk, the time-honoured skin salve moisturizes and softens dry, chapped lips. It eliminates that dry pulling feeling too—all by simply massaging a small amount across our lips in gentle circular motions. We use it before bed to reap its hydrating benefits when our lips are no longer in constant motion. As for the times when we want an extra hit of hydration, we’ve been applying Ghlee’s Lip Mask at nighttime after we’ve wiped the scrub off, and swiping one of the line’s five Lip Balms (fragrance-free “Original,” “Rose,” “Chai,” “Mango-Papaya” and “Mint”) throughout the day.  After all, we’ve got to stay lippy.

Ghlee Lip Scrub $20 for 15 g, and Lip Mask $30 for 15 g and five Lip Balms $16 each for 3.5 g, are all available online at

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