Product Of The Week: Florence by Mills No Drama Leave-in Detangling Spray

We are not gentle with our hair. At all. We should be. But we’re not. Last week we used the kitchen scissors to cut the elastic band that was caught in our hair, along with the inch-long chunk of hair knotted around it. Twice. We didn’t hesitate either. Our ambivalence to this chop-chop attitude and action scares us a little, because we’re fairly certain that too many chops will eventually lead to a really bad hairstyle. And despite what would appear to be the contrary, we’re vain and we’d hate that.

So for the last seven days we’ve been in mullet (and other horrible hairstyles) prevention mode, misting Florence by Mills No Drama Leave-in Detangling Spray into our hair every time we step out of the shower. You know, to avoid cutting more elastics out of our hair. Plus, it just makes good sense.

The clean, vegan and cruelty-free formula is full of healthy and helpful ingredients. Jojoba seed and avocado oils hydrates each strand to help prevent dryness, breakage and split ends, while nourishing our hair to keep it looking and feeling soft and smooth. Hydrolyzed wheat and pea proteins work hard to protect our hair from the heat and damage of the blow dryer we use regularly, along with the curling iron we pull out occasionally.

But what we’re really appreciating is how the lightweight spray has reduced the number of knots and tangles we experience when we’re brushing our hair by, like, ten times. Especially when we’re pulling out a hair elastic. So along with all of the conditioning we’re experiencing, this is obviously a huge benefit for us. We haven’t had to remove the kitchen scissors from their drawer in a week. And in our world, that means No Drama is here to stay.

Florence by Mills No Drama Leave-in Detangling Spray, $24, available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores.

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