Product Of The Week: Dans un Jardin Chamomile and Lavender Epsom Salt

We love fall. It’s our favourite season. The only tricky bit is transitioning our carefree summer vibe into a back to business mindset, complete with a proper bedtime schedule. Because if we’re going to work hard, we need our beauty sleep!

Family-owned Quebec-based wellness company Dans un Jardin’s Chamomile and Lavender Epsom Salt is helping us get the Bonne Nuit we need. The artisanal, vegan bath soak is made with both love—as proudly proclaimed en Français (and in English) on its Canadian website—along with key botanicals to ensure the deep sleep we crave. It is replete with chamomile flower to provide soothing and relaxing effects on our body and mind. The inclusion of calendula flower (of the marigold family) reduces our body’s aches and pains and inflammation, while easy on our skin lavender and geranium essential oils calm redness and irritations, like edema and eczema. Last but not least, the Epsom salts’ composition of magnesium, sulphate and oxygen ease our sore muscles and tired body onto relaxed and stress-free state.

And it smells so fantastic, so you know we’re soaking in its subtle and herbaceous-smelling blend of soft and harmonious chamomile, aromatic and Zen lavender and green and earthy geranium almost every night. There’s minimal effort required as well, which works for us. All we have to do is add a handful of the salts to our bath and escape and unwind beneath its water for a solid 20. Plus, when our bag of goodness is empty, we can toss it into the green bin, confidently, before double clicking online for round deux.

Dans un Jardin Chamomile and Lavender Epsom Salt, $14.95 for 400 g, available online at

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