Product Of The Week: Authentic Beauty Concept Glow Cleanser and Conditioner

It’s a given. We always want to glow. If we could walk through life, shiny and bright beneath the beautifying candescence of a ring light (without its actual presence and its look-directly-into-it-and-temporarily-see-stars effect), we would.

Using Authentic Beauty Concept’s Glow Cleanser and Conditioner, made specifically for coloured hair, is lot easier.

Powered with do good, smell fantastic dates and cinnamon, this dynamic duo of ingredients tones our hair to keep brassy hues and dull streaks at bay, and preserves our salon-styled colour. The duo firms up each individual strand on our head too, while infusing energy to keep our hair bouncy and fresh looking. The dates and cinnamon are also natural hydrators and conditioners, sealing each cuticle to help prevent breakage, damage and colour loss, and to increase moisture and softness.

While neither the Cleanser nor the Conditioner contain sulfate surfactants, silicones or parabens, they do include an ingredient unique to each of their specific formulas. For the Cleanser, cationic Guar (a polysaccharide, otherwise known as a carbohydrate, whose molecules are comprised of a bunch of different sugars that stick together) helps further condition our hair, making it shiny, soft and easy to comb. As for the Conditioner, the addition of glycerol stearate (a fatty acid found in vegetable, soy and palm kernel oils), offers a layer of protection to reduce moisture loss and to boost silky smoothness.

And, just like the name written on the bottles promises, we’ve got our glow on.

Authentic Beauty Concept Glow Cleanser and Conditioner, $35 for 300 ml and $35 for 250 ml, available online at

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