How to Look Well-Rested (Even if You’re Not)

Burning the midnight oil? If crawling back into bed just isn’t an option, use these tricks to fake a solid night’s snooze (oh, and grab a large coffee, too). Because if someone cheerfully says, You look so tired!, you might actually snap.  

The problem: Rough skin

The solution: First, you need to exfoliate, because all the makeup in the world isn’t going to cover up a tired complexion if it’s clinging to dead skin cells or chapped lips. And don’t forget a generous dose of moisturizer “ something with Vitamin C or retinol will help to remove flaky skin. You can also use a gel primer before you apply makeup to help foundation and concealer go on more smoothly and look more natural, especially if dryness or fine lines are a concern. Later in the day, refresh your complexion with a hydrating mist and blotting papers to control shine and add moisture.  

The problem: Puffy eyes

The solution: The old spoon in the fridge trick? It actually works. Just hold the rounded side of the spoon over the eye area to decrease swelling (and don’t use the freezer, lest you run into a tongue-on-the-flagpole scenario). Look for a soothing eye gel with caffeine in it to further shrink blood vessels. A lash curler will also work wonders to open up your peepers, and if you’re battling redness to boot, don’t underestimate the power of some drugstore eye-drops.   

The problem: Big dark circles

The solution: Instead of piling on concealer (which can get cakey if you use too much), start with a light layer of foundation to even everything out. Then use your baby finger to lightly pat on some creamy concealer. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need super-light concealer to hide dark circles “ it will only highlight the area more and you’ll end up with the reverse raccoon effect. And don’t bother using powder over your undereye concealer, since it will end up settling into creases and fine lines.  

The problem: A less than glowing complexion

The solution: A highlighting cream is your best friend when you want to brighten up your whole face. Just use it strategically “ on your browbones and the very top of your cheeks. Then use a big brush to swirl on some rosy blush. Look for a product with pink undertones to combat that grey pallor.

What are your top tips to look well-rested after a night out?

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