High-Tech Hair Tools

We all want to look our best, especially when it comes to our hair. Styling tools can help combat frizz, lock in a curl or tame even the wildest of manes, and luckily, these appliances have come a long way. Featuring LED panels, temperature control and ionic technology, you can now use tools without the damage. Here are some new hair products that are seriously high-tech.

T3 Hair Dryer

This is the hair dryer that has saved my hair. I can’t say enough good things about it. Having a mane of long thick hair means that it may take around 15-20 minutes to completely blow dry it. This hair dryer has cut that time down to less than half. Less time blow drying, less damage. T3 hair dryers use tourmaline technology and a revolutionary (and proprietary) soft air technology that blows your hair with less force, which cuts down on frizz and flyaways. The air that comes out of the dryer is negatively charged, which reduces static. This is especially helpful in winter months! Most of their styles come equipped with two drying speeds and three heat settings, as well as a handy cool shot button to lock in your style.

Theorie Saga Collection Touch Flat Iron

If you’ve used the same flat iron for a number of years, or you’re afraid about damaging your hair with heat, this flat iron from Theorie may be for you. Not only does it come in a sexy leather case, the textile-wrapped cord is also 11 feet long, which is perfect if you want to plug it in your bedroom or have limited access to outlets. The iron has a touch screen and LED panel, which allows you to select a temperature and the iron automatically locks at that temperature. This is great for touch ups, or if you don’t need high heat. The plates are titanium, making them heat up and cool down quickly, and they also float and slide, which eliminates any hair snagging. The LED panel might seem like overkill, but the advantage of being able to control your temperature setting, and the bonus of having an auto-shut off, will let you style your hair without any worries of leaving the iron on after leaving your house!

T3 Source Showerhead

This might sound like science fiction, but T3 has invented a line of showerheads that promise to filter out chlorine and harmful chemicals in your water. Chlorine can dry hair and discolour it, especially if you are a bottle blonde. The showerhead has a filter containing copper, zinc and calcium to help eliminate chlorine from your water flow, as well as tourmaline to produce negative ions (which reduces frizz and static) and help with the PH balance in the water. If you find your hair is dry, or frizzy and have tried every treatment and hair mask under the sun, you might want to try thi

Conair Curl Secret

This new product has taken the beauty world by storm, promising a perfect curl at the flick of a button. All you need to do is section off a 1” piece of hair, and place the tool facing in. You clamp down and the barrel rolls the length of your hair. A beeping sound alerts you that the curl is ready to be released. The product has an auto shut off function and safety tangle free feature, in case of any mishaps. Customer reviews show that this product is best for short or medium length hair, so if your mane is super long or thick, you might need to stick with a basic curling iron.

Ultrasonic Haircare Treatment Iron

It might look like a flat iron, but it’s actually a tool that will emit an infrared light to condition hair while it’s wet. Great for conditioning, or for setting a keratin treatment without damaging heat.

Sultra Reverse Cone Curling Iron

Clampless curling irons have been around for a little while, but this latest iteration from Sultra turns that idea upside down, literally. The reverse cone shape offers a tighter curl at the root, cascading into a looser wave at the ends, giving you that perfect Victoria’s Secret bombshell look.

Calista Hot Ion Rollers

Old-fashioned rollers are making a comeback, and this set from Calista brings together old and new. The rollers heat up quickly, thanks to a PTC element in each roller, and each one is infused with negative ion minerals, giving you a flyaway-free style.

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