Fragrance Of The Month: The Body Shop Full Rose EDP

Back in the day, it used to be that you couldn’t pay us to wear a rose-based perfume. These formerly dry, powdered and dusty fragrances were too reminiscent of what our grandmother favoured. The Body Shop’s Full Rose eau de parfum is not even close to this former construction and it’s changing the way we smell…for the good.

Fresh, aromatic and floral, the dewy and youthful scent is both delicate and revitalizing. And, unlike many rosy fragrances, it embodies the entire flower from its long stems and spiky thorns to its green leaves and rich blooms. On first spritz, lush and heady Grasse, France-grown rose notes—each flower has been hand-picked to ensure maximum sustainability and minimum waste—burst forward imparting their sweet perfume onto our skin. Crisp and green geranium leaf notes soon waft over us before being absorbed into cardamon’s spicy elixir. The overall effect is soft and smooth with energetic undertones.

Beyond its easy to wear appeal, we’re also appreciating that the unisex parfum is made of 90 per cent ingredients of natural origin and is certified by The Vegan Society. The bottle with its rounded upper edges is constructed with recycled glass and features a sustainably designed cap crafted from naturally renewable wood and cork, so it can be easily refilled at select The Body Shop stores once we’ve spritzed our last drop.

The Body Shop Full Rose EDP, from $56 for 75 ml, available at The Body Shop stores and online at

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