New Ways to Wear Eyeliner

Come fall, most of us shelve our “fun” makeup, instead sticking to dark colours and classic looks. This year, we’re all for encouraging makeup creativity, however chilly it might be outside. It’s time to think outside the box – so get out your makeup kit and experiment a little with one of these new ways to wear eyeliner.

This technique has major star backing. Jennifer Connelly was recently spotted sporting a navy hue along her bottom lashline, with a thin line of basic black along the top. She kept the rest of her makeup palette light and peachy to make the unusual combo really pop. Emma Stone did the same look with a dazzling teal shade and light brown along the top. The key is to keep the rest of your makeup natural to avoid looking overdone.

Layer Up:
Another way to rock contrasting colours is to draw two different eyeliner shades on your top lashline, one on top of the other (rainbow style). Try a white and black combo to get that 60s graphic mod look.

Powder Paint:
Get a smudged effect by using eyeshadow in place of your regular eyeliner. Dampen a fine-tipped eye makeup brush and dip into a loose powder eyeshadow. It’s a great shortcut to get a professional looking smoky eye if you have trouble drawing a straight line with liquid liner, or it can also be a sophisticated way to add some sparkle to your look.

Get Inside:
Think you know how to draw inside the lines? Pencil eyeliner may seem dull compared to its liquid counterpart, but it’s the perfect tool to achieve a mega-sultry kohl-rimmed eye. Use a clean, newly-sharpened pencil to lightly trace the inside of your lower lashline (above the actual lashes). Et voila “ a smoldering gaze to sex up your beauty look.

Get Outside:
If you’re really up for rocking the boat, try this catwalk inspired look (seen at Fall’s Rachel Comey show) “ use a black liquid liner to draw the outline of where you would normally wear your eyeshadow (just right above your eyelid crease). Keep the inside of the drawing blank for maximum effect.

A Bit Dotty:
Channel your inner silent film starlet by using shiny black liquid liner to apply little black dots around your upper and lower lashes. Use slightly larger dots as you get closer to the outside of the eye for the most flattering look.

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