Break Out of Your Beauty Rut

Like sipping coffee with the morning paper, the way you put on makeup and do your hair each day can become a tried-and-true routine. Unlike the relaxing benefits of the former, however, always sticking with the same powder-mascara-hairspray format can mean you’re in a beauty rut.

Sure you know what works for you (we’re sure Jersey Shore’s Snooki thinks that too), but switching up your primping can make a big difference. Yes, you can!

1. Trade clear for colour

Chapstick does keep your lips soft and hydrated, but layering colour over top helps show off that smooth pout. Lip stains are perfect if you’re low-maintenance or uncertain about application. They last longer and are virtually weightless. Try soft and universally flattering shades like corals and pinks until you’re ready to move on to bolder hues. The best part? You can lather as much lip balm as you want on top.

2. Visit a beauty counter

It’s only the best way to get help with new shades and products! M.A.C, Sephora and most department stores have knowledgeable staff who can teach you the beauty basics. Plus, you can scoop up the correct products at the same time. Just make sure you ask the makeup artist for a lesson on simple, everyday makeup so you don’t walk out with a look you’ll never be able to replicate.

3. Ditch the trim

There’s a reason women switch up their hair after a bad breakup or period of stress: a few well-placed snips can make a world of difference. (And don’t forget”hair will always grow back.) The easiest way to take the plunge? Cut bangs. Most women can get away with some variation of fringe, whether it’s ultra-thick and straight across or wispy and side-swept. If bangs are too extreme or not your style, tell your hairstylist you need something different”they’ve probably been dying to get the go-ahead.

4. Find an esthetician

Professional spa services are the best-kept secret of uber-groomed gals. A brow shaping will open your eyes and dramatically change your appearance, while a facial targeted for your skin type will help you see your skin’s true potential. Does purchasing a bottle of nail polish feel like a commitment? Try a new shade at the spa”affirmations from the nail techs will give you a boost. Lastly, there’s nothing like professional hair removal. Get adventurous (and surprise your beau) with a Brazilian wax.

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