Beauty Trend: The New Curls

Ladies, we give you permission to put away the flat-iron for one night “ and if you’re a naturally curly girl, it’s time to use what your mama gave you! The latest crop of red carpet locks are a little bit twisted. 

Understated Curls
New geek-boy crush Zoe Saldana sports soft, retro waves. The deep side part keeps the whole look polished.

Get the look:

1. Spray a styling mist on damp hair, or use a lightweight serum on the ends if you need to tame frizz. Blow-dry smooth with a paddle brush.
2. Use a medium-barrel curling iron to curl one-inch sections of hair up to eye level. Curl each piece in the same direction, away from the face.
3. Finish with a flexible-hold hairspray and shake loose with your fingers.
Rockstar Curls 

Kristen Stewart’s kinky curls on the New Moon carpet evoke just enough romance while giving a nod to her edgier persona.

Kristen Stewart New Moon Premiere






Get the look:

1. Play up any natural waves by spraying damp hair with a texturizing spray and finger-scrunching as you dry it.
2. Use a big-barrel curling iron to curl both medium and large pieces of hair. Curl in different directions to keep it from looking too perfect.
3. Mess hair with your fingers, then pin it up at the crown in a slight pompadour. Leave some pieces looser than others.
4. Keep it all together with a medium-hold hair spray.

Bouncy Curls 

Understated she is not. Gossip Girl Blake Lively flaunts a mane as bodacious as, well, her body, at the Sherlock Holmes premiere in NYC

Blake Lively Sherlock Holmes Premiere in NYC






Get the look:

1. Spray a volumizer on your roots and rub a bit of serum into your ends. Flip your head over while blow-drying to add volume.
2. Use the biggest hot rollers you can find (or a big-barrel curling iron), and curl large sections of hair horizontally. To keep it all from getting too big, leave the crown smooth and don’t curl any higher than your cheekbones.
3. Shake curls loose and use your fingers to make a sexy side part. Polish off with a flexible-hold hairspray.

Defined Curls 

Make like pop/country princess Taylor Swift with a head full of springy ringlets. This look works best if you already have some natural waves.

Taylor Swift after appearance on 'The View'






Get the look:

1. While hair is still wet, use a wide-tooth comb to create a side part.
2. Coat strands with a curl-enhancing mousse or spray before letting them air-dry or drying gently with a diffuser.
3. Use a medium-barrel curling iron and curl hair vertically in small sections. Let each piece cool completely before touching it.
4. Finish with a shine-enhancing medium-hold hairspray (or a stronger hold if your hair is naturally straight).

Credit: Splash News | Jackson Lee/ Splash News

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