Hair Removal 101

Want to get a perfect eyebrow arch or be stubble-free for that special someone?  These trusted methods to get rid of unwanted hair are your best bet.

If you want stubble-free legs

Lather up ladies! The best bet for smooth gams is the tried and true one”shaving. Not only is shaving quick, cheap and available at all times, it leaves you with lovely legs in mere minutes. For best results, have a fresh, sharp razor on hand and use professional shaving cream (or conditioner in a pinch).

If you want to tame stray eyebrows or brow overgrowth

Time to invest in a nice pair of tweezers. The best way to get the brows you want is to one hair at a time. Plucking is the most precise way to achieve your perfect arches, because you can choose the exact hairs you need to remove to get your desired look. Just be sure not to over-tweeze. The ideal brow starts just above the tear duct and ends at the outside corner. Got a hair that’s too long? Don’t pluck it out”trim it down. Plucking out a hair that’s part of your brow shape can throw everything off.

If you want a smooth bikini line

Because it’s a sensitive area that can be easily irritated from repeated shaving, waxing is the best method, because it lasts 4-6 weeks. If you’re going the DIY route, you want to follow the directions on the at-home wax kit. Apply pressure to the area with the wax strip and pull in the opposite direction of hair growth. If you’re in the market for a Brazilian wax, it’s best to head to the professionals (just make sure you ask about sanitation and training). And exfoliate once a week in between waxes to prevent in-grown hairs.

If you want to banish facial hair

Threading (a method where  a double strand of cotton thread is twisted to remove stray hairs ) is best for removing unwanted facial hair because the thread can glide easily and quickly over contoured areas like the lip, brow or chin, delivered a clean, crisp result. It doesn’t irritate your skin the way that waxing might. Head to a professional every 3-4 weeks to maintain a hair-free face without worry.

If you want to zap underarm hair

The best way to get rid of underarm hair? Permanently. Underarms are a sensitive area, made all the more sensitive with daily sweat, deodorant application and shaving. That’s why laser hair removal is a great way to make a daily chore disappear (literally). Usually laser takes six sessions, and though it can be expensive (and painful) it’s worth it to get rid of constant razor bumps, in-growns and inconvenience.


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