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Getting motivated to exercise is a big hurdle, and you’ve made it “ good for you! But now, the key is to stay energized for your entire workout. How can you help make sure you stay motivated throughout? A good first step is to make sure you’ve got a kick-ass music mix that is both fast-paced and fun to listen to. To get you started, we’ve chosen ten must-have songs for your workout music mix.

Lyrics Born, Hello (Remix) “ As the rapper sings in this song, We only got one set of rules here/ And each of them says you gotta have a good time.

Daft Punk, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger “ It is impossible to listen to Daft Punk during a workout and not immediately feel pumped up. And the lyrics to this song, while simple, are the perfect motivator.

Robyn, Call Your Girlfriend “ This Swedish songstress is the queen of incredible music that has a great beat, and Call Your Girlfriend is a perfect example of this.

Billy Talent, River Below “ The great thing about River Below is that you can use it to jog slowly as a slower part of your workout, or you can go double time and really get your heart rate up.

Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now “ This may start out slow, but don’t be fooled “ before long, you’ll be trying to catch your breath as you keep up with the pace.

Harvey Danger, Flagpole Sitta “ Every workout mix needs a good guilty pleasure song from the ˜90s. Harvey Danger may not have done much since then, but this song still has a permanent spot on our workout playlist.

OK Go, Here It Goes Again “ OK GO might be famous for their innovative music videos, but don’t forget that the band also puts out some really catchy tunes, too. And, as it happens, the music video for this song features the band dancing on treadmills. Coincidence?

RUN DMC, It’s Like That “ The beat isn’t complicated, but the tempo is consistent and strong. Put this on at any dance party and the dance floor will fill up, so just imagine how excited you’ll get listening to it during your workout.

Fall Out Boy, The Take Over, The Break’s Over “ These guys haven’t put out a new album in a few years, and it’s really too bad, because they come up with some really catchy hooks that really make you want to move. And if you don’t want to admit to listening to Fall Out Boy, it’s all right “ it’ll be a secret between you and your iPod.

Foo Fighters, Monkey Wrench “ OK, so when you think of workout music, you probably wouldn’t immediately think of these hard rockers. But Monkey Wrench is one of their best tunes and is one of the most highest-tempo songs on this list “ if you can keep up with this beat, you can do anything!

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