Your Most Satisfying 100 Calories

It seems that portion-controlled snacking has become a thing of the past for dieters. With everything from your sodas to your muffins to your favorite chip flavours now coming in handy 100-calorie snack pack, it seems like all the guess work or controlling your mid-day hunger crashes at bay. So simple right? Wrong.

Often laden with sweetners and carbs these little mini treats are, in some cases, a small nightmare for your waistline. Infused with artificial sweetners that can actually increase your appetite, and carbs that can slow your fat burners right to a halt, these temptingly tiny morsels are perfect for those with willpower of steel who won’t be tempted to eat two or three 100-calorie packets in one sitting. Ugh. So what is the solution? Going back to basics and learning the reality of what makes up 100 truly satisfying and healthy (not “healthy”) calories. Lucky for you this is where we come in! Each of the delicious and simple snacks listed below contains just 100 calories or fewer, making them the perfect option for that awful slump period between breakfast and lunch or to help satisfy that grumbling tummy between lunch and dinner! Munch away!

1. Say Cheese
Always a childhood favourite, string cheese only has, on average, about 80 calories per package, making it the perfect grown up snack as well! A great source of calcium, but make sure you pick up a low fat or fat-free brand.

2. Happy Hummus
Cut a whole wheat pita into fourths and spread one quarter of it with one tablespoon of hummus. At just 99 calories per serving it is a great quick and easy treat that will leave you feeling full through to your next meal! Save the other three pita slices for snack cravings later in the week.

3. Nice and Nutty
Spread one tablespoon of peanut butter along a single 5 stalk of celery. For just 98 calories this munchable snack can satisfy all those crunchy and/or salty cravings that need to be quenched throughout the day.

4. Berry Goodness
Mix together one cup of raspberries and half a cup of blueberries for an abundant 100-calorie snack that will leave you perfectly satisfied but never leaving you reaching for more.

5. Veggie-Licious
Toss a handful of baby carrots (approximately 14) and a half cup of cucumber slices into a bowl and lightly drizzle them with a tablespoon of Kraft’s Calorie-Wise Ranch Dressing and Dip. A perfectly crunchy and cooling snack that comes in at only 93 calories!

6. Caffeine Crash Course
Truly a snack in liquid form, Starbuck’s tall skinny latte allows you a serious boost of caffeine along with a 10 grams of hunger-sedating protein and about a third of your daily calcium needs.

7. A Brekkie Break
There is NEVER a bad time to enjoy a little breakfast and snack time is no exception! For a delicious 100-calorie treat bust open a package of Quaker Original Instant Oatmeal. Packed with fiber and protein this makes for a warm and filling treat any time of day!

8. Sweet Treat
Slice half of a medium-sized banana into a quarter cup of skim milk and then drizzle with half a tablespoon of honey. At only almost exactly 100 calories this yummy treat is perfect for the sweet tooth snacker or as a guilt-free dessert!

9. Potato Passion
And for those who cannot stand to go without their beloved carbs, try this 98 calorie treat! Spoon two heaping tablespoons of spicy salsa over a small baked potato and enjoy!

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