Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal

Whether you have slept for 10 or five hours, breakfast is always a must to start your day right (See: Build a Better Breakfast.) If you have been sleeping a long time, your body has been in a fasting mode. If you haven’t had enough sleep, a good breakfast will give your body the fuel it needs to make it to nap time. Here are some reasons why taking the time to eat a morning meal will benefit you in the long run.

Hunger control
Breakfast not only breaks your night fast, it helps you going through to lunch. By consuming slow-burning foods like whole grains and fruit, your body stays fuller for longer. If you just grab a doughnut or something else high in fat and carbs, the food energy will be gone within a few hours. Similarly, if you just fuel up on coffee with nothing in your stomach, your stomach will be grumbling by 10 a.m. Studies show that people who skip breakfast make up for those lost calories later in the day, and are more likely to snack too much. 

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When you eat breakfast, you are sending signals to your body and your metabolism to get working faster. If you skip your 8 a.m, cereal and juice, and just opt for an early lunch, your metabolism is still sleeping. Watch out for high sugar juices and cereals that will add to your caloric count without the added nutritional benefits. Even by having a small but healthy breakfast before starting your day will give your body the wake-up call it needs and contribute to a good fat-burning metabolism.

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Feed your brain
Your Mom really was right when she stopped you on your way out the door to school to enjoy a good, hearty breakfast. It’s not only kids that need a good breakfast to fuel their brains; adults do too. A big benefit of grabbing some grub in the morning is being more alert, having a better short-term memory, and thinking more clearly. If you have been skipping breakfast, you have probably noticed some early morning slip-ups at work. This can be easily remedied by giving your brain the glucose it needs to kick into gear in the morning. 

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Long term benefits
By starting healthy breakfast habits at a young age and in your early adulthood, studies show you will be less likely to develop blood-sugar problems and high cholesterol as you get older. Eating first thing in the morning gives your body the food it needs to regulate your blood sugar level and keep it stable throughout the day. If it doesn’t detect food until midday, it is thrown off. Listen to your body and try to give it something healthy to digest before it gets too late in the day. 

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