One Star, Four Looks: Jessica Chastain

Catapulting to the A-list thanks to bona fide talent, actress Jessica Chastain has offered more than just Oscar-worthy performances and thespian relevence. Topping countless best dressed lists since premiering The Debt late last year, the American actress is a style phenomenon, proving her panache at TIFF and several other film premieres. You might recognize her as the lovable Celia Foote from The Help; expect to see lots more from this starlet, both on and off the red carpet.

Look 1: Solid Gold
Jessica Chastain Solid Gold

Paying homage to an award that will undoubtedly be hers, Jessica opts for an unconventional approach to a relatively safe bet, by opting for a luscious, rich fabric with a retro twist. Balancing the dress’ low neckline with an appropriate knee-length skirt, the actress successfully balances between artistic and accessible; cinching the waist to create an hourglass shape, while adding interest through multi-dimensional (and experimental) design.

Look 2: Gothic Revival
Jessica Chastain Gothic Revival

True, a skirt this length can still be considered controversial, but by working with high heels and a deep V neckline, it goes from potentially dowdy to fashion forward. Maintaining both the midi skirt and gothic trends, the actress vamps up her look through a severe hairstyle and black nail polish, capitalizing on the dress’ dramatic qualities and proving that regardless of event, it’s possible to add edge and attitude.

Look 3: Bright and Cheerful
Jessica Chastain Bright and Cheerful

Colour may have been the trend du jour of spring and summer, but thanks to collections by Marc Jacobs, bright shades are still on the agenda this season. To prevent a queen bee (get it?) aesthetic, Jessica opts for a dark yellow shade to pair with a black patent belt, successfully drawing attention to her waist and preventing the dress from overwhelming her. The actress also uses an updo to create space between her gown and her face, thus staying afloat over an abundance of fabric as opposed to drowning in glamour.

Look 4: The Dark Side of the 70s
Jessica Chastain The Dark Side of the 70s

The ˜70s have defined 2011, but as opposed to playing dress up, Jessica opts for a style that’s a little more adult. Using black to anchor what could otherwise be a kitschy jumpsuit, the stark contrast between her skin and her clothes cement the style as formal over fun, as a touch of jewelry and loose waves keep the look low maintenance but red carpet ideal. Our only suggestion? Keep eyebrows natural to prevent looking washed out.


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