Weight-Loss Tips for Extremely Busy People

Whether it’s a highly demanding job or a highly demanding toddler, it can often seem like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get done all the things you need and want to do…like eating healthy and hitting the gym. So how can you get your waist-line in check while still maintaining your responsibilities? Like this…

Schedule your workouts

Just as you schedule your 9am meeting every Monday, schedule yourself in for your workouts every day and treat them as being just as important as a huge “maybe-you’re-getting-a-raise” meeting with your boss. Believe us, in the long run it really is just as important!

De-junk your house

It’s easy to grab and binge when you’re a busy person who is constantly on the go but if you’re looking to start shedding some pounds on your schedule the first thing you need to do is start shedding the frozen dinners and processed crap from your cupboards and refrigerator.

Pre-plan your meals each week

Planning out your meals for the week on Sundays will not only help you stick to healthier food options but it will also give you more time to focus on your gym sessions when you won’t have to spend half of it thinking about what you’re going to make for dinner afterwards.

Prep some essentials

Big batches of quinoa, chopped veggies, a slow cooker full of hearty chicken chili. Using your weekend to prepare some of the healthy essentials you want to have on hand will save you tons of time and, similar to planning out your meals, will also allow you to donate more time to the gym instead of as a slave to your stove.

Make the most of your weekends

We know it’s tempting to spend your weekends lounging on the couches and gorging on take out, especially after a crazy hectic week. But if you’ve only managed to squeeze in a workout or two during the week, using your weekends to pack in an extra one or two sessions is the perfect way to keep your body in prime shape and keep your stress levels in check for the week ahead.

Keep secret stashes of healthy snacks

In your office desk, in your purse, in your glove compartment — all the places you will have wished you stuck something when you realize it’s 1pm and you haven’t eaten since 6am and you don’t have time to have lunch for another hour.  Keep yourself from reaching for some vending machine garbage by keeping healthy snacks close at hand at all times you might be in a pinch. 

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