What’s that Smell…Down There?

There is absolutely nothing in the world more mortifying than being told that you’ve got a bit of a smell¦down there. And while a woman’s vaginal scent is unique to every single person, there are often a whole plethora of reasons why your natural state might be a little, well, off sometimes. Here are some of the most common smells you might notice below the belt and what you should do about them.

It smells masculine

Sometimes your post-workout body can let off a more musky scent than you are used to. Rest assured that this is perfectly normal given the sweat glands in that region of the body, but be sure to remember to shower after each session to stay fresh and clean down below.

It smells like yeast

Suddenly your girl parts smell like they’ve got a baker’s dozen growing down below and you can’t figure out what. A slightly sweet smell coming from your parts can simply be a natural overgrowth of yeast that will eventually subside but if the scent lasts for more than a few days, get it checked out by the doc just to make sure you don’t have a yeast infection.

It smells like bleach

Did you have sex recently? Sometimes the lubricants you use or if you let your guy finish inside of you (without a condom), can leave you with a strong chlorine-like smell down there. Don’t fret, it will usually subside within a day or two.

It smells fishy

Does your girl have a really foul odour, similar to that of an almost-bad piece of fish? Then you need to get your butt to the doctors. Fishy odours can be the sign of an infection down below and should be checked out by a doc as soon as you suspect that something might be up down there.

It smells like blood

Even if you’re period ended a few days ago or it’s not due to come for a few, the blood can mix with your vaginal fluids and cause your natural scent down there to turn a little tin-like for a couples days. Don’t fret, just like many of these, it’s totally normal.

Tips for keeping your cookie scent-free:

¢ Shower regularly

¢ Always wear clean, breathable undies

¢ Wipe carefully

¢ Avoid overly hot baths

¢ Keep yourself well groomed

¢ Stay away from too much sugar in your foods


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