Unconventional Weight Loss Tips

If you have tried every diet in the book, or on the web, and just haven’t had any luck, it may be time to try some unconventional weight loss tips. Most diets advise you to weigh and measure your food, eat a variety of different foods, stick to a prescribed meal plan, and weigh yourself once a week. However, if you have tried all of this and much more and are still not satisfied with your weight loss, it may be time to think outside the diet box. Try some of the unconventional weight loss tips below.

Weigh yourself every day. Weighing yourself every day allows you to see what’s working and what’s not. It also helps you understand your body’s cycle “ you may discover you gain two pounds the week before your period, or drop half a pound the day after, or whatever. If you weigh yourself only once a week and that day happens to be the one you’re up three pounds pre-period, you may feel despair and decide your diet isn’t working. Weighing yourself every day is an unconventional weight loss tip that lets you see how much your weight can fluctuate.

Eat all day. That’s right, all day. Yes, it’s an unconventional diet tip, but you really should let yourself eat whenever you are hungry, whether it’s an hour after breakfast or right before dinner. Eating all day, which is sometimes known as grazing, can keep feelings of deprivation or hunger from derailing your diet.

Eat the same thing every day. Many diets say to eat a variety of food, but if you really like having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for lunch, then go for it. If a meal is satisfying and tastes good, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy it every day, unconventional or not. Forcing yourself to eat a variety of food, especially if they are foods you don’t really enjoy, can lead to cheating on a diet, not weight loss.

Go public. Tell everyone you know that you’re trying to lose weight. Co-workers, family, friends, whoever. Post it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and make sure everyone knows about your diet. Why take this unconventional tip for weight loss? There are two reasons, really. The first is that any time anyone tries to pressure you into going off your diet (and they will) just say You know I’m on a diet, why would you say that? The second reason is that if tempted to cheat on your diet, everyone around you will know you are cheating. This may help you check yourself.

Make your own food rules. You know your body and food habits better than anyone, so instead of trying to follow everyone else’s dieting rules, make your own. If you tend to overeat when watching TV, rule number one is no eating in front of the TV. If chips are a problem, rule number two is no chips in the house except the occasional small snack bag. You’re more likely to stick to dieting rules you’ve created yourself, no matter how unconventional, and more likely to experience weight loss by making them in the first place.

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