The Top 29 Ways to Cut 100 Calories

Truth is, you don’t always have time to get to the gym and, well, sometimes you don’t always need to be sweating it out at the peak of intensity to make a difference in your health. Here are 29 quick and easy ways you can shed 100 calories today.

1. Go fat free in the am

Add two tablespoons of fat-free cream cheese to your bagel instead of regular.

2. Pick turkey or chicken over beef or pork

Whether it’s bacon, sausage or ground meat, the former will always win over the latter.

3. Skip the chips

Dip veggies like cucumber or celery in salsa or hummus.

4. Shake it off

Twenty minutes of dancing around your living room will help you shake off 100 cals.

5. Say no to shrinkage

Believe it or not, ten fresh grapes has 100 less calories than one small box of raisins.

6. Always go fresh

1 cup of fresh pineapple pieces has 100 less calories than one can of those in heavy syrup.

7. Say sayonara to skin

When the choice is there, always go skinless when it comes to your meats.

8. Get your downward dog on

Twenty minutes of yoga will burn 100 calories.

9. Take your potatoes baked

Choosing baked over fried (as in French fries) will save you over 100 cals!

10. Pick up a putter

Carry your own clubs around the golf course for at least 15 minutes .

11. Hit the yard

Settle in for 20 minutes of mowing, weeding, or raking to say bye-bye to those cals.

12. Take the stairs

Ten minutes of avoiding the elevator at the office will save your waistline in the long run.

13. Child size your sippers

Order a child size soda at the drive through instead of a regular size one.

14. Take in a comedy show

Laughing burns about one calorie per minute, so an hour long show will be a real belly buster.

15. Switch out the cream

Opt for skim milk in your coffee instead of cream

16. Skip you way skinny

Ten minutes of continual skipping will burn more than 100 cals!

17. Start spraying your oils

Nix heacy-handed oil pouring and opt for spray formulas to limit your calorie intake.

18. Pick up the pong

Hit up the ping-pong table for 25 minutes and paddle away more than 100 calories.

19. Work vertically

Spend at least one hour a day working while standing to burn 33% more calories than sitting.

20. De-cheese your burger

Leave the cheese off your bbq’d dinner to keep it lighter and healthier.

21. Skip that stop

Get off the bus one stop before you need to and walk the rest of the way to your office or home.

22. Turn back the bread

When that waiter tries to drop that basket of empty carbs on your table, simply tell him no thanks.

23. Slim down your salad

Skip the dried fruits or candied nuts on your takeout salads which can add 200+ calories to your meal.

24. Clean your car

Twenty minutes of tidying up your wheels can also help clean up your body fat as well.

25. Row, row, row your boat

Twenty minutes of moderately intensive rowing can burn more than 100 calories.

26. Go vegan for a day

Nixing the meat and dairy from your diet for a whole day can help you skim over 100 calories from each meal of your day.

27. Swap mayo for mustard

Skip the white stuff and instead allow yourself twice the amount of mustard for half the cals.

28. Bring down your burrito size

Opt for the smaller soft-taco size instead of the larger, calorie-heavy ones.

29. Toss around a ˜bee

Thirty minutes of casual Frisbee tossing between you and friends will also help shed 100 calories.


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