Surprising Sexy Foods

As you probably know, foods that are supposed to make you feel sexy or act sexier are called aphrodisiacs (named for the goddess of love and desire, Aphrodite). These are foods that put you in the mood for love, baby. Oysters, chocolate and champagne are a few we hear a lot about, oysters because they contain zinc, a libido booster; champagne just because, well, it’s sexy! And chocolate, of course, which raises your serotonin levels and makes you happier (and thereby sexier!) There are also lots of aphrodisiacs out there you are probably not likely to try, such as rhinoceros horn or tiger penis (you probably can’t get that at the market, anyway.) But here are some other sexy foods for you and your guy to try.

Looking for foods that make you feel sexy, act sexy, or foods that are just down right decadent to eat? See below!

This superfood is supposed to increase your passion, and asparagus, too. Both of these foods are rich in nutrients that are important for sexual health, and contain zinc, which has been proven to increase your libido.

These are said to increase your sex drive, and are also good for your heart and arteries (you want blood flowing to all the, um, right places, don’t you?) Add a few slices to your guy’s next sandwich and see what happens.

This is a sexy food to eat and share. Slice some up and feed them to each other “ sweet!

This dark, leafy green has been thought to be an aphrodisiac since the first century, and is also just plain good for you. Use this instead of lettuce for a sexy boost to any salad.

Wild Salmon
We all know that oysters are an aphrodisiac, but did you know that salmon is one, too? This omega-3 rich food has also been praised for its effect on your sex drive, and contributes to a healthy heart (again, keep that blood flowing…)

In addition to increasing your passion (caviar is another food high in zinc), this is one food that is just plain decadent to eat. Indulging in this expensive treat together can increase your desire.

So light those candles, slice up those strawberries, and throw some almonds and avocados into your arugula salad. Then prepare yourself for a night of passion!

By the way, alcohol, even champagne, is not really an aphrodisiac. It may lower your inhibitions and increase your confidence, but in the end it will just make you tired, and that’s not sexy!

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