Is Partying Hurting Your Chances of Becoming a Mom?

You’ve always had your heart set on some day being a mom but, you know, that’s like so far in the future and you really don’t have to worry about any of that right now so you’re just going to keep sipping your third G&T and have a good time¦.right?

Wrong, party girl. There are things you are doing to your body now that could seriously be affecting your chances of having children in the future. Here’s what they are.

Drinking alcohol

Whether it’s a single glass of wine every night or just a heavy weekend of margaritas, your 20s really are the time when you need to start scaling back on your alcohol intake. Research shows that excessive alcohol intake may interfere with your fertility. Don’t get us wrong, a few drinks a week won’t completely ruin your chance of getting pregnant, but giving up heavy boozing now will make it a lot easier down the road. And don’t worry, your guy doesn’t get off so easy either. Higher alcohol consumption is linked to lower sperm count and slower swimming sperm in men.

Smoking cigarettes

It is estimated that 13 percent of all fertility issues are related to tabacco use “ this goes for serious smokes, casual smokers, and even those who hang around others who are smoking. In addition to this, nicotine is one of the fiercest and most difficult addictions to beat, do it now before you are down to the wire and risking miscarriages, birth defects, and preterm labour that can all affect you once you do get pregnant. Kick the habit now, and insist your dude does the same.

Casual sex

Since the partying lifestyle tends to fit quite nicely into the single girl lifestyle, we’re not going to pretend that we don’t know that there happens to be a few nights where a few too many result in a scandalous evening and an even more scandalous walk of shame. Unfortunately, as fun as it can be, casual sex also puts you at risk for sexually transmitted diseases that could seriously affect your chance of getting pregnant or carrying a healthy child in the future.

Drinking caffeine

You know what usually comes hand-in-hand with many late nights of partying? Many early mornings of chugging down caffeine. While research is mixed on the affects of minimal caffeine during pregnancy, there is no denying that a heavy coffee addiction is not something that you can carry on with you into pregnancy. Caffeine withdrawal is actually one of the causes of miscarriage, so start cutting back now to protect your unborns in the future.


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