Nike is Hosting a Women’s Weekend in Toronto

Fit females unite! Join thousands of other women at the first ever Toronto Nike Women’s Weekend from June 11 to 14 at the Toronto Harbourfront.

Nike has created an exclusive space just for women to come celebrate athleticism and sport. The Nike Women’s Village takes up a good 30,000 square foot chunk of the Harbourfront Centre.

Nike Women's Village

The Main Expo tent is located in the Nike Women’s Pavilion. Here you can attend two Nike Talks panel sessions, take advantage of the provided Nike+ services for runners, and shop at the retail space full of running and training gear, including the upcoming Fall line”actually, you’ll be the first in the whole world to access the collection of clothing and shoes, so you can totally get ahead of the trend.

If that doesn’t get your blood flowing, the entire weekend is going to be jam-packed with events to get that heart rate up. Maybe after getting your gait analysis in the Pavilion, you could head out for a run with the Nike+ Run Club to various locations around the city.

Nike has also built a floating custom studio (that’s right, it’s floating right on Lake Ontario) to host Nike athlete-inspired exercise classes. The Crystal Coliseum is the new buoyant Nike+ Training Club Studio, holding 33 N+TC workout sessions led by top NTC Master Trainers from Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening. If you have the Nike+ Training Club App, then this is your chance to participate in live versions of your favourite workouts. It’s a great opportunity to get your sweat on and make sure you are getting the most out of your own personal training sessions.

And if you’re looking for an extra challenge, sign up for race day on Sunday, June 14 for a chance to win a top three prize from Athletics Canada. You can compete in this 15K race to win up to $6000 for finishing first! The runners-up will also receive $3000 for second place and $1000 for third. Quite the pretty penny, right? Finisher Apparel will also be available at the retail store.

On June 5 you will be able to download the Nike+ City Pass via the Passbook app so that you can sign up for classes and navigate through the different events within the Nike Women’s Village. Registration for this fun, fitness-filled female weekend opens on June 6 at

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