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How to shed the weight this spring

It’s that time again: as the temperature rises in unison with our hemlines, we’re suddenly reminded of all those nights spent cozied up in front of the fire with wine and snacks; shedding layers has a way of suddenly and not-so-subtly highlighting those extra indulgences.  This seems to be a predicament for nearly every woman on the planet, so lucky for us, spring diet tips, tricks and trends are a plenty. If you’re game, here are the newest ways to shed that winter weight.

Use an app!
According to Women’s Health, women stick to their diets and ultimately lose more weight when they record their diaries digitally versus an old school notepad. Download Lose It, which considers each individual’s body stats, goals and timelines, and tracks calories and nutrients to help you achieve your goals. With a bar graph of your whole week laid out, it’s easy to catch triggers and get on the right track. My Fitness Pal, which can sync up with your fitness device, is a more in depth tracker that really helps keep you in line and stay motivated ” 80 million users can’t be wrong! With the option of searching their enormous database or simply scanning a barcode, tracking calories is a piece of cake! Bonus: both apps are free.

Spice it up!
Its no secret spicy food can slightly speed up metabolism: the slight spike is caused by capsaicin and boosts a bit of burn. But new research shows it goes beyond just revving your metabolism: savoring each bite of a meal and slowly chewing every bite ensures you’re not shoveling food in, which in turn means you’ll consume fewer calories overall and feel more satiated from a relaxed meal.

Atkins, Again
Sorry, bread lovers: according to recent studies, a low carb diet is still the most effective way to help achieve weight loss. But lets be clear: this is an attack on the nutrient-deficient carbs, such as white flour, cakes, cookies and pastries. Including healthy carbs in your diet is a must, as otherwise, your body will have nothing to run on, and c’mon ” you can’t cut out an entire food group!

Staying Healthy in the Air
Gone are the days of noshing on icky, greasy plane food:, Charles Platkin, PH.D’s blog, unearthed a plethora of new and healthy bites now offered in air. Unprocessed, whole foods, like hard boiled eggs, dried fruits, nuts, cheese and whole grain crackers can now be found on many airlines’ menus for an easier stay-healthy diet option.

Bone Broth
Yes, this is still a trend! Better known as simply ˜stock’ to the chefs of the world, ELLE ˜s March issue cover girl Shailene Woodley gushed about her love of the liquid and its benefits. Aiding in everything from brittle hair and nails to digestion to a boost in collagen, bone-broth only shops are cropping up everywhere from NYC to Vancouver to Toronto.

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