An Introvert’s Guide to Hosting a Party

What have you gotten yourself into? This is the thought running through your head for the entire week leading up to the big holiday party you suddenly thought it would be an awesome idea to host this year. But really though, what were you thinking?! You don’t even like people!

Okay, not true. We know you like people…but sometimes being around them gives you, well, a little bit of anxiety. So how on earth around supposed to through a party with 20 of them there? Like this, my introverted friend, like this…

Keep the invites tight

Only invite people who you are completely comfortable with and who you know will bring people that won’t stress you out – this may mean leaving your boss off the guestlist and that guy friend with the sketchy girlfriend. It has to happen, just embrace it.  

Recruit outgoing friends

Got a friend who is always the life of the party? Keep an eye on them throughout the night and use them for the little tasks that might cause you a lot of anxiety. Ask them to see if anyone needs a refill or to let everyone know that food is ready, etc. They will gladly take on the attention and you will be saved from a face-reddening experience.

Keep busy

If you start to feel overwhelmed find something to keep yourself busy until you are able to relax and calm your nerves. Plate some food, clean up glasses, load the dishwasher. Whatever it is that keeps you

Lay off the booze

Don’t let the myth that a few drinks will loosen you up get the better of you. You should always keep your alcohol intake to a minimum when hosting a party, but even more so when you aren’t 100% comfortable in your role. Stick with one glass of booze at the start of the night and maybe one at the end to help prevent a minor introvert issue turning into a full-fledge drunken meltdown mid-party.

Remember it is your party

You party means your rules, if a situation is going on that is causing you distress than simply remember that you are in control of everything that is going on and if you need to politely ask a friend to take their obnoxiously drunk boyfriend and hit the road, well then you can do just that.


Even if you are nervous as hell and feel like you are going to vomit/pee/passout, just keep smiling. No one will be any the wiser.

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