How to Celebrate American Thanksgiving in Canada

A lot of the time it is hard to see the differences between Canada and the US. Our cultures seem pretty similar on the surface but every once in awhile they do something insane like hold Thanksgiving in November rears its head and the differences are all too stark. (Jk, obvs. If this last 25,000 years of American election campaigning has taught us anything it is that America definitely has it’s own thing going on.)

ANYWAY. Here are some ways that you can spend doing on this totally normal weekend in November that our southern neighbours get too excited about. Because there is always a reason to do Thanksgiving things

Eat a second thanksgiving dinner, obvs

I realize that this one is pretty obvious, but I really don’t think enough people take advantage of this completely legitimate (made up) reason to cook and eat another whole turkey. Also available to you without question: all the stuffing and multiple pies. 

piesGo shopping

If you have high quality battle armour and live near the border, then for sure, get yourself to America. The deals there will be excellent and you will for sure get lots of excellent things. But if you aren’t able to get there (or are like me and are lazy/get stressed out by crowds that verge on riotous) then fear not! Canada has wholeheartedly embraced this shopping day that has no relation to any (real) holiday. Malls and shops will still be crazy busy, but at least everyone will apologize after stepping on your foot or shoving you into a nearby nail polish display.   

Our top tip would be to do your research beforehand. Know what the deals are best you can before you go. As a seasoned Boxing Day shopper, I can tell you that this is the most important thing to remember. Don’t plan on having a leisurely stroll through the mall.


And if you can’t deal with going to the mall at all (I feel you), many Black Friday sales often extend through the week (though sometimes with reduced discounts).

Stay in shopping

Let me just get one thing straight. I do not like the word cyber. It is a real linguistic bummer. It is not something you use to describe something that is as happy as bitchin’ online shopping deals. But, alas, here we are in 2016 and the best online shopping day of the year is called Cyber Monday. Yuck.

REGARDLESS, the deals can be bananas and you don’t even have to leave your bed. I have spent an Internet Monday (I really can’t bring myself to type that word again) morning going through promotional emails, placing orders AND THEN getting up and going to work. I picked up some cute dresses and Christmas presents all before 8 am.


Pro tip: sign up for the email newsletters for your favourite online shops. That way you can just scroll through your email to find the best deals.

Have someone explain football to you again

You guys. I don’t understand football. I don’t understand what is going on while they’re running around. I don’t understand what is going on when they’re standing around. I don’t understand. Why is it important at fake Thanksgiving? Are we really okay with the number of concussions that are happening there? I can’t even tell if I don’t care about it because I just don’t know what’s going on. 


Take an extra long weekend

Want to really take your fake celebration to the next level? Take Thursday and Friday off to give yourself time to eat/recouperate from all the eating as if you were really celebrating Thanksgiving. Plus, you’ll get some extra undisturbed time to watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life while the rest of the world is out shopping.


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