How to Land Your Dream Job

You’ve done it girl! You landed an interview for the job. Yes, the job. The one you live and breathe and dream about every waking (and sleeping) moment of your life. Congratulations! But now what? How do you go about making sure that you are the candidate that they can’t refuse? Like this…

Separate yourself from the pack

Make sure your outfit is a look that is both professional and stylish (believe us, no matter what the company, a sense of style is always appreciated) but throw in something, such as a bright scarf or a noticeable piece of jewelry that will make you memorable. They might not remember your name, but guaranteed they will remember your look.

Map it out

There is nothing (we repeat nothing) worse than being late for a job interview. Not only does it throw you off your A-game but it also gives a terrible first impression. Always map out your best route to the interview location and study it the night before to prevent any slip ups. Better yet map out an alternate route as well. You know, just incase.

Know the holy trinity

Your level of confidence is going to become apparent in the first five seconds of you interview, so start it off right by 1) looking your interviewer right in the eyes, 2) giving a slight smile, and 3) giving a firm handshake. Ace these three and the rest of the interview will seem like a breeze.

Know how to frame your weaknesses

Obviously you will know exactly what to say when the interviewer asks about your strengths, but what about when they ask you about your weaknesses? They don’t want to hear you don’t have any (that sounds cocky) but they don’t want a ton of negativity either. Always balance out your weakness (“I’m a little impatient”) with a positive (“But it is something I’ve been working on a lot at my current position”).

Question with purpose

Almost every interviewer will give you some time during the interview process to ask questions. And don’t you dare say you have nothing to ask, girl! Not only is this a great time to get to know the person who could potentially be your boss (“How would you describe your management style?”) but also to learn more about the inner workings of the company (“Can you tell me what a typical day at the office is like?”)

Let them know you want it

If this well and truly is your dream job, do not be afraid to tell the interviewer that it is and why it is. Believe us, years of training and experience can take a person a long way, but a true and honest passion for a career? That is immeasurable.  

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