Healthy Tips from Farmers’ Markets

The best diet is rich with seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables. Organic farmers are a great source for natural health and beauty advice without having to pay for a consultation. Here are the top 4 reasons why to shop at farmers’ markets this summer:


Famers’ markets are a fun way to stock up on organic materials but they are becoming more readily available at larger grocery stores too. Organic foods are made with limited amounts of synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Animals are restricted from antibiotics and hormones and nothing is genetically modified. What does this all mean? You are what you eat. Cutting down the toxins in your food is a great way to start cleansing your body.


Going local has become a fashionable and significant movement over the years. Supporting local food and products improve the health of the environment, the economy, and society. Plan your next meal around seasonal and local delights and taste the difference of sweet Ontarian corn in the summer compared to buying it down south in the winter. And with four seasons to go through each year, there is always something new and scrumptious every few months to try.

Free Range

Not all of us are vegetarians, but that doesn’t mean we hate animals. Free range farms give livestock a happy home and plenty of space to run around in, meaning no chicken wire allowed! The products are healthier, leaner and yes, happier. Look for a humane or free range certificate on eggs, meat and dairy products to ensure you’re supporting free range farms.


Handmade crafts are one of a kind and are also made with love (and organic materials). From soap bars made of honey to socks made from hemp, there is something for everyone at a farmers’ market. Discover freshly picked scents of lavender and mint in lotions made from organic milk-perfect for sensitive skin. Choose from hand crafted jewellery, clothing and products for a unique and beautiful collection of country charms. 

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