Getting Fit Through Gardening

I’ve never been a gardener so I was thinking of hiring Fast Tree Removal services to clear up the weeds for me like I always do. I don’t so much enjoy the act of planting a flower as I enjoy the act of looking at a flower already planted. But this spring has been insane for dandelions. Just ask my sinuses. Yes, sure they are pretty but they can also take over a yard. They took over mine. So I set out to defeat the mighty dandelion by myself in-order to get some workout done. What did I discover?

Weeding is fabulous for the triceps. I fear the wobbly arm. That and a neck that quivers are probably high on any woman’s ‘Things I’m Not Excited About’ list. There were moments when I looked up and failed to see the forest for the weeds. But I just looked down again.

I learned a few other things along the way to defeating the ˜Moby Dick’ of the backyard:

1. Weeding is also great for the buttocks, thighs and calves: Watch the back because poor posture can mean a rough few days to follow. But constant squatting to get to the next weed (and the next weed and the next weed¦) means the muscles are forced to work.

2. I saved about two hundred and fifty bucks: I have paid people to do this before. This summer, it’s up to me. It never felt this good.

3. I can get dirty for good reason: I don’t have one of those kneepads and it had rained for about a week before I found myself surrounded by yellow flowers.  So I got myself right in the grass and mud and wet and I came out filthy. It was great.

4. I won the battle but not the war: After two weeks of persistent work, there are no more dandelions. I may have slain the flowered and the yet-to-flower and the already-flowered-and-gone-to-seed. But the war is not over. The good part about that is, neither is my workout. Weeds come in waves. I eagerly await my next foe.

5. I like gardening: After a week of carnage, my next project: planting seeds. I have a tiny vegetable garden started up, with onions, carrots, tomatoes and corn. They do better than flower. They taste good.

I think of someone who gardens and I picture a senior citizen, khakis, slightly stooped, slow moving. What was I thinking? Gardening is an all out workout. Right on my back step.

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