Five Celebrity Diets to Avoid

One celebrity or another is always in the news for a sudden, fantastic weight loss, whether it is Jennifer Hudson, LeAnn Rimes, or even The Bachelor’s Ashley Hebert. Women are constantly being bombarded by images of extremely thin celebrities, frequently followed by articles concerning the celebrity diet that got them there. And often the diet being touted has nothing to do with the actual celebrity (you’re probably shocked by that statement.) Just in case, below are five celebrity diets every girl should avoid.

The Madonna Self-Deprivation Diet
Eight hundred calories a day. You read that right. Eight hundred. There is no way anyone, celebrity or  not, could survive on eight hundred calories a day. The average healthy woman needs 1,500 calories or more just to maintain normal functions like sitting, standing, or walking to the car. At eight hundred calories a day your body will quickly shift into starvation mode (as it should, since it’s starving) and cling to every last pound it can. Avoid this diet at all costs.

Baby Food Diet
Possibly followed by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, this celebrity diet consists of eating tiny little jars of, well, baby food “ all day long. While baby food is wholesome and free from additives, it doesn’t taste very good and the teeny portions really won’t keep you satisfied. This could lead to binging or at least heading for the dessert diet (see below) before long. The Baby Food Diet is also not very nutritionally sound, as you can choose to eat as many jars of strained bananas as you can stand. Try to avoid this celebrity diet as well.

Pink Diet
Supposedly followed by Mariah Carey, this consists of eating only pink foods. Grapefruit, salmon, and, well, anything else? Bubblegum? Easter peeps? Watermelon comes to mind, and very rare steak. Since there are no known pink vegetables or carbohydrates, this celebrity diet is nutritionally unbalanced and should be avoided at all costs. Even if your favorite colour is pink.

Dessert diet
Rumored to have been followed by Uma Thurman, this diet lets you eat dessert. And nothing else. Cake, ice cream, brownies, and cookies “ aren’t these the foods to avoid while dieting? If you can find it on the dessert menu in a restaurant, you can eat it. While this may at least give you plenty of calcium (ice cream), it is sure to be loaded with fat and sugar and plenty of other things your body doesn’t need, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Avoid this celebrity diet, even if you are training to Kill Bill yourself.

The Master Cleanse. Beyonce, Naomi Cambell, and countless other celebrities have been rumoured to follow this diet, which is really just an old fad diet recycled “ the old water mixed with lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. Oh, and don’t forget the salt water flush. Sound like fun? Please avoid this celebrity diet at all costs, as it will wreak havoc on your digestive system and deplete your body of nutrients.

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