Eat Healthy & Stay Fit on Vacation

You’ve packed your sunscreen, you’ve packed your sunnies, you’ve even packed that teeny-tiny string bikini¦but you still can’t shake that feeling that you’ve forgotten something.

What could it be?

Oh right, your willpower. Don’t let all those months of hard work to fit into said teeny-tiny string bikini go to waste by a weeks worth of excess and overindulgence. Instead take heed as we present our advice for eating well and staying fit during your vacation.

Practice portions

Before you leave for your trip start training your eyes to know the proper portions you should be eating at each meal. A good balance of protein, good carbs, and healthy fats should be achieved at every meal “ filling your plates with each of these in the right portion at each meal will help keep you feeling full and looking slim.

Everything in moderation

You are on vacation afterall. We’re not going to advocate that you completely withhold from enjoying anything while you’re away. Just be aware that everything is okay¦in moderation. So yes, you can have that delicious piece of cheesecake or that second (or third) margarita but make sure you don’t make it a habit during your travels. Try and limit yourself to one treat each day.

Schedule daily exercise

Even before you board the plane, set out a rough schedule of your time that includes some form of daily exercise. Whether it is just a jog along the sands each morning or taking advantage of the hotels exercise room for an hour each day, make sure you schedule your time accordingly. And then make sure you stick to it. Don’t think of it as time out of your vacation, think of it as part of your vacation.

Know your limits

All-inclusive vacations can be killer on your waistline, not just for the abundance of food, but for the abundance of alcohol. Liquid calories can be one of the worst beach body killers, so limit yourself to a certain number of alcoholic bevies and stick to cold water the rest of the day to help keep yourself hydrated and keep your metabolism revving. Not going all-inclusive? Give the front desk your mini bar key. You’ll thank us later.

Walk everywhere

The easiest and most underrated form of exercise you will get on your holiday is walking, so do it a lot. Walk to the beach, to the market, to the store, to see the local sights. As long as it is deemed safe in the area you have travelled to, you should be walking everywhere, even if transportation is provided.

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