Do We Know What We’re Eating?

Food and eating is a big part of my life and from the pictures I see on instagram, I’d suspect it is for you too! My love for food started at a very young age- chicken, sushi, fish, foie gras, snail, deer, steak, anything was fair game (pun intended).

Which is to say, that my recent journey into more conscious eating was triggered by a number of unpleasant health issues, leading me to seek out documentaries and books about food and nutrition. Upon a friends’ recommendation, I read “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer, which changed my perspective on the relationship we have with the food we eat- the animals, the environment, and ultimately our health. Do we truly know, what we’re putting into our bodies?


North Americans love to eat animals. Without going into detail, a vast major of the meat is supplied by factory farms, which institute inhumane processes to ‘raise’ meat to match our societal demand. These genetically mutated species of cattle, pork, chickens and fish are injected with hormones, antibiotics, and various unsavory conditions to grow the maximum amount of meat in the minimum amount of time.


By pumping our food with antibiotics (which the animals require to survive, so they can be eaten), the hormones, steroids and antibiotics have lead to the creation of new resistant strains of germs and ‘superbugs’ that manifest itself into humans.

Food with Friends

Years ago, I read an article by Hannah Sung from Flare magazine, where she talked about the social repercussions for sharing her views on food. The explanations required for her approach on sourcing organic, or hormone-free meat at a family meal or even asking about the source of a chicken in a restaurant can be received with unkind judgments. Which is why I wanted to talk openly about the food we eat, and why it matters. If your goal is to eat healthy for your bodybuilding get some legal steroids to improve your performance and aid in weight loss.

Smarter Eating

My motivation is not to champion vegetarianism or vegans, but to think more about what we consume- “flexitarians” or conscious omnivore-ism, you could call it. Starting with- is this meat farm-raised, hormone and antibiotic free? The solution isn’t about what we cannot eat, but what we choose not to eat. We spend hours feeding our minds with school, friends, and family…and at the very least, we should try to give some of the same thoughts and consideration to our bodies. Next time you visit a restaurant, think a bit more about what is on your plate, and if it is what you want in your body.

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