City Guide: Portland, Oregon

Have you seen an episode of Portlandia? Well, this city is captured pretty accurately in the series. Nonetheless, it’s a really fun and charming city full of beer, restaurants, sites and tax-free shopping! Now without further ado, here are some places to check out:

First and foremost, you should definitely look at the Travel Portland website. As far as city tourism sites go, this one is super organized and provide detailed maps and suggestions for places to check out in each of their districts! 


Powell’s Books: I love book stores! This one is the best of them. It is enormous! You can spend an entire day and not even notice. It’s like a massive department store with only books, coffee, stationary and gifts.

Forest Park: Make sure you hug some trees when you visit. Some beautiful parks flank the city and can be accessed by bike, car, or public transport.

Microbrews and bars: Portland is very very well known for their microbreweries! Most restaurants carry their own microbrew on tap and most bars carry their own signature cocktails. Some microbreweries worth checking out – BridgePort Brew Pub, McMenamins pub and many many more can be found here via Distillery Row

Food Carts: Nothing like some city eats on the city streets! There are literally over 500 food trucks all across Portland and are often organized in little pods in downtown parking lots. Here is a great map of the many many food cart locations.  You can find anything your heart and tummy desires -tacos, waffles, sushi, Vietnamese, grilled cheese, vegetarian, ice cream…the list is endless!

Voodoo Donuts: I can gaurentee that after eating its namesake donuts you’ll feel a good and happy sugar rush. The storefront itself looks like Joker’s closet and the donuts they serve are equally quirky and experimental. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Portland is a fun city with great food, shopping, and drinks galore! 

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