Bon Apetit! Healthy Fish

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but not all are created equally when tallying up nutritional value. Clear the seaweed away and get a good look: here are the healthiest fish for you, and a suggestion or two for how to prepare them deliciously and easily. Bon apetit!

Salmon is the king of the sea when it comes to the most nutritionally dense meat per ounce. Chock full of omega-3s ” it provides nearly 3 times your recommended daily amount ” it’s also low in mercury. Providing 72% of your RDA selenium, an antioxidant-rich essential trace mineral that is improves cell function and boosts immunity and fertility, this is one healthy pick. Bake it simply by adding some lemon and herbs, or add an Asian twist by crusting filets with antioxidant-rich sesame seeds and brushing with a wasabi-butter glaze.

Pollock can usually be found breaded, boxed and in the form of frozen fish sticks, but it’s a delicious and super healthy pick if you prep it yourself. Light in texture and colour, Pollock is super high in B12, which helps support adrenal function, helps calm and maintain a healthy nervous system and is necessary for metabolic function. Because of its super mild taste, you can experiment with bolder flavours when preparing Pollock; try some Dijon, lemon and dill for a fresh, tasty dish.

Alaskan King Crab reigns supreme in the crustacean kingdom; it boasts unusually high levels of omega-3 for hard-shelled seafood, which as we all know, boost heart, skin and overall health. A low calorie pick, Alaskan King Crab is also high in zinc, the essential trace mineral that is vital for health. Steam with some garlic, butter and parsley, and let yourself indulge a little with some clarified butter to dip.

Clams, another crustacean, are little guys brimming with nutrition. Super high in hard-to-find iron, which energizes and increases production of red blood cells, enjoy clams as often as three times a week. Also high in those important B vitamins, clams are small but mighty. Enjoy clams by making a good ol’ fashioned clambake; steam them along with corn on the cob, potatoes and other seafood in a large pot with a bit of beer and water, and serve with sausage and French bread to dip up all the good stuff.

Shrimp is a staple in any healthy, active individual’s diet. Very low in calories and fat, shrimp has a surprising amount of omega-3s. Very high in protein, this is the ideal source of lean protein to refuel and build muscle. Shrimps are a versatile ingredient, and can be enjoyed chilled or hot. If you want to get creative, add shrimp into salads, pasta, or even throw them in a Spanish-inspired paella for a delicious and filling meal.

Tilapia is also a great choice for those watching their waistline: very low calorie and also packed with protein, this lean fish will keep you trim. Also full of selenium, B vitamins and boasting the lowest mercury levels of any fish, enjoy tilapia as often as you’d like. Because of its lightness, tilapia has the ability to take on a variety of flavours and types of cuisine. Whip up some cucumber salsa, chop up a few mangoes and make fish tacos; they’re a delicious , easy  and fun way to make a meal.

Canned tuna, the not so obvious choice, is actually a really healthy pick. Although it’s higher in mercury and shouldn’t be eaten more than eight times a month, canned tuna is a better pick than a processed salami sandwich. Canned tuna offers niacin, an essential nutrient, selenium and B vitamins, mash some up with some olive oil, Dijon mustard, a pinch of paprika and salt and pepper and enjoy on top of rye crackers.

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