8 Simple Ways to Feel Happier Every Day

They say it’s the little things and, well, “they” might be right. Sometimes it is the most simple things in life that actually turn out to make us the happiest in the long run.

Here’s eight of them to get you started on the path to happy…

Get fit

Go for a run, get on your bike, borrow a dog and take it for a walk. Do a little bit more every day and soon you’ll find yourself fitter, healthier and happier.

Giggle it out

Laughter is a balm to the soul. Grab your favorite comedy flick or head out to a comedy bar and just sit back and let the good vibes take over. We won’t even judge you if you snort once or twice.

Achieve your Goals

Make a list of everything you want to do in this life, preferably with one thing on that you’ve already done. This will give you a sense of achievement as you start to work your way through the rest. Personal success breeds happiness.

Eat well…

…but don’t obsess. Maintain a balanced diet but allow yourself a treat every now and then. The words “everything in moderation” really can be the key to a happy (and healthier!) you.

Catch some zzz’s

Never, ever underestimate what a good nights rest can do for your mood. Aim to get 7-8 hours a night…every night. Your body and brain (and beauty!) will thank you for it.

Get Some Sun…

…or some wind. Or some rain. Just get yourself outdoors. Being in the fresh air, in particular in the sunshine, can help boost your mood in ways you never imagined possible. Do it whenever you can.


Drink, drink, drink. And we’re not talking about the hard stuff. Take a break from caffeine and alcohol for a few days and truly replenish and rehydrate your body and soul. You will thank us later.

Indulge in the big O

Whether it’s with a partner or all on your own, have orgasms as often as you can. We mean, we could tell you all about what endorphins can do for your mood…but you should probably just go and figure it out for yourself…

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