6 Reasons Ditching Stress Should be Your #1 Resolution

Planning on giving up booze? Losing that extra love handle? Finally getting your life in order? Maybe the place to start is with your stress levels. Chronic stress is terrible and is severely affecting your health in more ways than you probably know. Here’s why you should be giving up stress this New Years Eve. 

It can make (and keep you) sick

It’s bad enough that there are germs everywhere at this time of year but when your stress levels are high you are also more susceptible to catching infectious diseases and to recovering from them quickly.

It can cause brain damage

High levels of stress are shown to strongly affect some of the most critical parts of the brain including the areas responsible for memory and the areas responsible for your cognitive functioning.

It can kill your mojo

Sure, we all know that sex is the perfect reliever when you find yourself super stressed out but getting to the point of actually ­wanting to have sex? That’s a whole other ball game, because stress can serious stall your sex drive.

It can make you fat

You might as well just kiss those other resolutions (you know the one to shed those last few pounds?) goodbye if you suffer from chronic stress because guess what? Stress eating is a real thing and it is rarely good for your waistline.

It can make you look older

Aside from just those excess pound, stress can also wreck havoc on other parts of your overall appearance including causing wrinkles, thinning hair, brittle nails, and even dulling your overall complexion and causing adult acne. Um, no thanks.

It’s bad for your heart

Not only does stress affect your chance of heart disease and lead to high blood pressure but it can also make it more difficult to control your emotions and can severely impact the state of your relationships with those you love.

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