5 Ways Himalayan Salt Can Boost Your Healthy Lifestyle

Heart made of pink Himalayan rock salt.

Himalayan salt lamps are now no longer relegated to the windows of health food stores and homes of new age-loving “woo-woo types,” like they were just a few years back. Pink salt has made its way into bath products, cosmetics and recipes, serving a largely non-woo-woo crowd now. These days, these therapeutic crystals are used widely, in about as many applications as it has touted health benefits. Here are a few reasons people are loving himalayan salt now:

It purifies the air in your home

Himalayan salt in the home (lamps, candle holders, crystals), acts as an air ionizer, or a negative ion generator. It’ll increase the amount of beneficial negative ions in the air and counterbalance the positive ion charge from electronics like your laptop, which is why you might have seen so many salt lamps in home offices or crystals on laptops.

It relaxes aching muscles and draws out toxins

Soaking in a Himalayan salt bath can relax sore muscles and joints — the magnesium and trace minerals absorb through the skin and restore mineral balance. (Make a simple mix by combining pure salts and an essential oil.) Bathing in salt-infused water will also detox the bod — just like Epsom salts, himalayan salts draw out water and toxins which brighten your skin and relieve water retention.

It clears your breathing passages

One way to consume himalayan salt is through salt therapy — technically known as halotherapy. These salt caves are rooms full of himalayan salt, all over the ground, walls and ceiling. When you hang out in a room like this (most treatments last a half hour or an hour), the salt-infused air detoxifies your lungs and nasal passages, easing allergies symptoms and letting you breathe easy. If you’re skeptical, check out this study which looks at the effect of breathing salt-infused air on improved lung function.

It helps digestion 

When consumed as a sole (pronounced “solay”), which is a ton of salt dissolved salt in water — as much natural salt as the water can absorb, it makes a natural detox drink. (Obv. the quality of the salt you use is v. important — see Wellness Mama’s tips for choosing a brand.) The minerals in the salt aids the detoxification your body already does, further stimulating the digestive organs and promoting the production of digestive fluids. Start your day with this potent drink and keep digestive problems off your mind.

It helps you sleep

Elephant Journal writer Alex Myles found that disturbances in sleep are commonly linked to stress hormones that flow through our system between 2 and 4 a.m., and that drinking a mix of honey and salt can keep those hormones under control for a sustained period of time. Try this elixir when you’re unwinding for a recovery from a stressful day.

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