5 Things I Do at My Desk When I Think No One Can See Me

When you spend all day every day in the same place you get mighty comfortable mighty fast. I spend a large majority of my time facing a window in an open concept office. These are just a few things I do to pass the time while working.

1. Dancing

If you come to my office and need to find me I am the one with her headphones in, doing some kind of semi-choreographed bopping that makes me look like an escaped orangutan who has learned how to use a computer. I like to think that I look super cool when I am desk-dancing-like-no-one’s-watching, but I have a sneaking suspicion that that is not entirely the case.

2. Playing with my nose ring

Ever since I got my nose pierced it has been a constant battle between how badly I want to spin the little ring in my nose and how badly I don’t want to look like I am picking my nose. I think you can guess which one usually wins.

3. Watching Youtube videos from late night TV shows

I don’t stay up late enough to fully exercise my love for late night talk shows. When James Corden does a new carpool karaoke, you know I’m going to be watching that non-stop for at least three days in a row.

4. Googling things I should probably already know

I live my life eternally suspicious of the office IT guy. He knows too much. And I realize that with the number of times I have Googled Which one is Liam I should be able to tell the One Direction boys apart by now. For some reason they all just blur together into a very attractive, pointy, accented blob with really great hair.

5. Snacking

My desk is constantly covered in a variety of food items including, but not limited to, various nuts and seeds for munching on, multiple beverages (at least two and up to five), little cans of tuna that I put on my salads at lunchtime, shredded coconut to add to my morning yogurt, and always at least one thing made of chocolate. Always.

My coworkers may think I’m insane.

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