5 Small Changes for the Beach Body You Want

Getting that perfect beach body doesn’t need to be a daunting diet away. Here are five small changes that can lead to big results and weight loss that you can keep off.

1) 85/15 split

For lunch and dinner, fill up your plate with 85% veggies and the remaining 15% with meat or starch. Think of your plate as a big pie, where only a tiny slice of the meal should be filled with protein, a starch or carbohydrate.  Enjoy a delicious meal of fresh leafy greens and vegetables. This doesn’t have to be boring either, think of fun ways to incorporate raw vegetables in the form of a salad, or enjoy stir-fry’s with lots of broccoli, kale, beets and more. Change things up by adding sprouts to a vegetable dish, build an avocado taco salad, stir in miso dressing and crunchy noodles to a spring salad! The ideas are endless. Just remember a veggie heavy meal is low in calories, provides you with the nutrients, vitamins and fiber that will help keep you regular and loosing toxic weight.

2) Eat Whole Foods

The general rule of thumb is that if you can see the ‘natural’ form of the food you’re eating- for example: oatmeal vs. sugary granola bar, or beef vs. hot dog/pre-made burger, you can be sure that what you are eating is good to go! Pick foods that are full form- apples, spinach, bananas, pears, broccoli… anything ‘unprocessed’! If it’s boxed up and has a label that says ‘low sodium’ or ‘uses real-fruit juice’ you can bet that it’s a mix of formerly whole foods that are now isolated into potentially damaging and fattening sugars, salts or more.

3) Replace Pop

Liquid calories are the easiest way to slip into bad habits. Avoid pop and substitute with green tea, herbal teas, or a glass of ice water and lemon. We know how difficult it is to avoid that patio drink in the summer, so feel free to indulge – but be mindful and try to moderate your intake of sugary mixed drinks and carb-y beers.

4) Don’t Eat Distracted

Change your eating habits by taking the time to enjoy a meal. Don’t eat when you’re distracted. Always take a second to think about what you are consuming. Don’t eat in front of your desk or your TV! Treat yourself to a few minutes to eat at the dining table, or your work cafeteria. You deserve to enjoy and savor your yummy plate and to have the time to digest and process your meal and to avoid mindless eating.

5) Increase Your Fiber Intake

The key to a healthy digestive system is fiber! A good balance of dietary fiber- soluble (oatmeal, lentils, apples, oranges etc.) and insoluble (whole wheat, nuts, root vegetables) are essential to help to clear your intestinal tract and keep your waistline slim and your body clear of toxins.

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