5 Awesome Trips for Spring Weather

The weather is finally starting to warm up and you are finally ready to come out of hibernation from the cold and dreary winter months. You are ready to be set free, to run wild! But¦where does one go after months in hiding? Here are our picks for five totally awesome, and totally spring-weather-approved trips for this year:

Go Wine Tasting

Whether its the Okanagan in BC, Niagara in Ontario or somewhere in between (little known fact: Nova Scotia and Quebec are also wine-producing provinces with a number of great wineries in their midst), going on a local wine tour is the perfect way to get away for few days, relax, and enjoy some delicious vino. Added bonus? You get to support homegrown businesses at the same time!

Slip into the Hot Springs

Get a kick-start on the heat and head out to BC or Alberta (or if you’re feeling really adventurous, the Yukon!) and hit up the hot springs that are littered across the mountainous landscape of this side of the country. The ultimate way to relax the body and mind, the mineral rich hot springs have been shown to help increase metabolism, aid in healing, soothe muscles, and improve blood circulation. Need we say more?

Have an East Coast Adventure

You know that ultimate road trip you’ve been talking about taking with your girls? Well there is no better way to indulge than packing up a car and hitting the open road on the East Coast. Sure it might be a little chilly and many attractions will still be closed until the summer, but major cities like Halifax and Saint John will, undoubtedly, be alive and kicking for tourists to enjoy some of that true East Coast feel.

Go Spring Skiing

You are Canadian, eh? And that means that, just because the weather has warmed up, there is no reason to put away your skis for the season. A number of resorts, especially throughout the West in Alberta and BC, will keep their slopes powdered and fresh well into the spring¦some even into the early summer! So pack up your gear and hit the hills for one last time before the bikinis come out!

Get Way Out of Dodge!

Okay, so maybe you are ready to bust out that bikini already? Then DO IT! Most travel companies offer better rates for all-inclusive vacations to sun destinations during the spring months as the start of down season begins. Book last minute to save yourself even more dough.

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