4 Hormone Imbalances that Can Kill Your Weight Loss Dreams

Tried everything in your power to drop those last five pounds and the pesky little buggers just won’t budge? Been told more time than you can count that your body has simply plateaued? Not buying it anymore? There might be something more going on in your body than meets the eye. Check out four common hormone imbalances that might be affecting your weight and how to fix them.

High Cortisol

Perfectly healthy in small doses, cortisol is the hormone released by your body in times of stress. Depression, anxiety, exhaustion and even digestive issues can wreck havoc on your stress levels and can cause your body to rev up it’s cortisol production leading to an increased appetite and cravings, as well as a loss of muscle mass. Protect yourself by getting the recommended amount of sleep (which will help you wake up with regulated amounts of cortisol) and starting your day, every day, with a high protein breakfast.

High Insulin

Heart palpitations? Poor concentration? Anxiety? Fatigue? Weird sweating? These are all signs that you might be suffering from high insulin. The hormone whose main function is to process sugars in the bloodstream and determine whether its to be used as fuel or stored as fat. Caused by stress and the over-consumption of nutrient-poor carbohydrates, the easiest fix for high insulin is amping up your protein intake to keep your blood sugar balanced and insulin levels low.

Low Serotonin

Often known as your feel-good hormone, serotonin is partly responsible for your mood and memory health.  Lowered levels, which are often the result of depression or bad moods, are often responsible for increased cravings for naughty foods such as sugar, carbs, and starches which naturally stimulate the production of serotonin. Keep your moods in check by maintaining a healthy diet, getting lots of exercise and sleep, and enjoying the sunshine.

Low Testosterone

Yup, this stuff ain’t just for the men of the world. While our bodies only pump out about 10% of what a male body does, this hormone in women is responsible for our sex drive, our muscles strength, and our metabolism “ all key things to keeping us physically fit and happy. Too little of it and you might find yourself depressed and unable to keep yourself from keeping the pounds off. Upping your zinc and protein intake, as well as hitting the weights at the gym are all ways that can kick your testosterone production into optimal levels.

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