3 Ways to Recover After the Holiday Binge

We know the drill. You’re in a complete and utter panic because the holidays are over and you have basically just spent the last four weeks eating and drinking literally everything in sight. You fear the scale like never before and you can’t seem to figure out where to start to kick these insane cravings for cré¨me puffs and even creamier mashed potatoes that you’re having every single day. Well fear not, we’re here and we’ve got your three-part starter kit for getting your body back on track after the holiday binge.

Give up the sugar

No, we’re not asking you to give it up forever but the quickest way to recharge your body and get it back to it’s old self after the sugar-laden holidays is to cut the sugar out of your diet completely for a few days and stick to a diet of high protein, good-for-you vegetables and healthy fats. While the killer headache you get the first few days will suck, your cravings for this sweet substance will soon start to subside and you’ll find it easier and easier to start resisting most of those naughty foods of the festive season.

Cut out the cocktails

Or at least grossly reduce them. One of the quickest ways to get your body looking and feeling as good as it did before the holidays is to lay off the liquor (and beer and wine). Consider doing a Dry January where you don’t drink for the entire month to help your waistline (and your liver) recover from the damage taken from too many holiday benders. Can’t commit to something that drastic? Try to stick to just having a few drinks on the weekend but call it quits before you reach the point that will make you lose your inhibitions (and have that pizza calling your name).

Purge the pile

Over the holidays your house can become a stockpile of all kinds of naughty things “ cookies, cakes, chocolate, and those aforementioned cocktails. Kick the new year, and the new you, off with a bang by doing a solid purge that will get rid of anything you know you won’t be able to resist when push comes to shove. Feel bad about throwing it all out? Donate it! There are plenty of homeless shelters and old age homes that would gladly take them off your hand to give as sweet snacks to their guests and residents.

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