Gilmore Girls, Season 7, Episode 6 Recap: Go, Bulldogs!

This episode originally aired on November 7, 2006 on The CW


Christopher talks Lorelai into visiting Rory at Yale during Parents’ Weekend, and Lorelai is surprised to find that Richard and Emily are also there. Trying to prove how cool he is, Christopher invites all of Rory’s co-workers on the Yale Daily News to an expensive lunch where they all drink too much, and the meal ends abruptly when Rory insists they leave to cover a breaking story. Meanwhile, Luke meets April’s swimming coach, who convinces him to take her adult swimming class. When the coach flirts with him, Luke asks her out on a date.


In episode 6, parents’ weekend at Yale brings Lorelai and Christopher to campus, and the dynamics between parents, students, and relationships get a playful but meaningful exploration. The viewers see Rory trying to juggle her life as a Yale Daily News editor and her time with her parents, which brings forward new and resurfacing tensions.

Lorelai and Christopher make an earnest effort to support Rory by becoming overly involved in parents’ weekend activities, which provides a comedic element but also highlights Lorelai’s longing to be closer to Rory. Their involvement is to some extent meddlesome, raising eyebrows from Rory’s peers and causing a bit of embarrassment for her.

In contrast, Rory’s relationship with Logan is put to the test as the Huntzberger family continually expresses their disapproval of Rory, believing she is not a suitable match for Logan. Rory’s courage and love for Logan lead her to stand against the disapproval, but the emotional toll it takes on her is palpable. Rory also finds herself emotionally strained trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy and happiness for her parents’ sake, while internally struggling with their recent union and what it means for her and her mom’s tight-knit relationship.

Back in Stars Hollow, Luke attempts to navigate through his own feelings following his split with Lorelai. He takes a step forward by deciding to fight for custody of his daughter, April, indicating a shift in his priorities and showcasing his desire to be a more present and consistent figure in his daughter’s life.

Memorable quotes from this episode of Gilmore Girls:

  • Lorelai to Christopher: “We’re a family, in our own weird, semi-dysfunctional way.”
  • Rory to Logan: “Your family can’t define who we are.”
  • Logan to Rory: “In your eyes, I see my future, and it’s so much brighter than what they want for me.”
  • Luke: “Sometimes you have to fight for the ones you love. Even when it seems impossible.”
  • Rory to Lorelai: “Things are changing, Mom, but that doesn’t mean we have to drift apart.”

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