The Best Scented Candles For Summer 2023

By Alison McGill

This is season ripe with fresh, floral and fruity sun-soaked smells. First come lingering spring lilacs, then fresh grass, aromatic peonies, bright daylilies and dusky roses. We love the idea of syncing the scents of the great outdoors with your inside space, and the best way to do it is with scented candles.

The simple act of lighting a candle is a lovely ritual. It creates a mood, signals relaxation and is a wonderful component of selfcare. The best scented candles are ones that go the distance (known as ‘throw’) and fill a whole room with a whisper of fragrance, never taking over the airspace.

To get the most mileage from your scented candles (they are an investment) it’s important to look after them. Yes, candle care is most definitely a thing.

Always keep wicks short (we love a wick trimmer) and if you are starting a new candle, let it burn for at least three hours to prevent wax from tunnelling. Having an even wax burn will improve the lifespan of your candle. Keep candles clean, wiping away any soot on the rim of the vessel, and removing any traces of wick debris in the wax before lighting. Lastly, when you extinguish your scented candle flame use a snuffer. This old school tool helps keep the wick in place, prevents that burning smell and profusion of smoke.

Here are eight of our all-time favourite scented candles for summer.

The Citrus One

We love this clean burning soy wax candle because it blends zesty notes of pink grapefruit and orange with alluring magnolia, vetiver, musk and cinnamon bark. A perfect blend of sweet and spice.

Salt and Stone Grapefruit & Hinoki candle, $64,

The Bold Rose One

Jo Malone’s scented candles are the gold standard, and this is one of the best. Damask rose punctuated with woody oud notes creates an alluring atmosphere.

Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud candle, $128,

The Ocean Vibes One

Lohn is a female-founded Canadian company and every one of their small batch, handcrafted scented candles is an all-star. This is a limited Summer 2023 edition, and we love the fresh blend of bitter orange, lime, eucalyptus and earthy oakmoss.

Lohn Surf candle, $44,


The Luxe Lavender One

Iconic French brand Diptyque has so many gorgeous, scented candles to choose from, we recommend having a rotating lineup to switch up seasonally. For summer, try this lavender leaf blend which will transport you to the aromatic fields of Provence.

Feuille de Lavende candle, $100,

The Warm Woodsy One

Light this scented candle up and feel instantly Zen thanks to an indulgent and relaxing mélange of clove, coconut cream, cedar, rose, amber sandalwood and leather. This Canadian brand has become a cult-favourite of scented candle aficionados.

Sidia Braless candle, $68,


The Beach Inspired One

This beautiful blend is inspired by idyll days on a white sandy beach. Bergamot, heliotrope and coconut milk combine to deliver a fragrance that will immediately make you think of the islands.

Maison Margiela Replica Beach Vibes scented candle, $84,

The Bold And Bright One

This scented candle will send you off to the sun-soaked Italian coast via a fresh mix lemon, patchouli and vetiver. A splurge, but a worthy one to create a wonderful la dolce vitaambiance in your home.

Acqua di Parma Luce di Colonia candle, $106,

The Fabulous Fruity One

We’re addicted to anything Tom Ford, particularly the epic fragrances. This is perhaps one of the most intriguing scents perfectly capturing the warm scent of summer peaches at peak sweetness fused with heady patchouli.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach candle, $175,

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