Spring 2014 Trend Preview

Although the winter season hasn’t even begun yet, the retail world and fashion enthusiasts are already excitingly getting prepared for next season and after attending the GUESS 2014 spring collection you will be excited for next seasons trends too! Here are five looks to look forward to:


Yes, it’s back and it’s not going away – but why should it? Look out for floral prints with a more subdued yet still vibrant colour palette such as rosy pinks, oranges and chocolate browns, which make the feminine print look and feel more sophisticated.

spring florals 2014


Admit it, you love denim. We’ll you’ll be happy to know that next spring is all about flaunting what you’ve got in classic pieces like the distressed denim jackets, flare pants and patchwork denim and don’t worry about wearing denim on denim, after all, it is the Canadian tuxedo!

Guess Denim Spring 2014

Tough Pink

If you’re in love with the colour pink as much as I am, you will adore this particular trend. With a basic colour palette – pink and black – this trend mixes romantic and girly with tough and edgy to give you a fresh look. And don’t forget the accessories! Gold and rose jewelry will be the accessory de jour to pair with this or any other spring trend.

Black and White

We’re going back to black (and white, in this case). Often referred to as basic and plain, the shade will get a makeover with polka dot and stripe patterns and incorporating transitional pieces such as GUESS did with their leather vest.

Black and White Trend Spring 2014


If you were a 90s kid like me, you’ll probably remember when a pair overalls was a closet staple and was the only item you could successfully wear every day and everywhere. Well, some things never change as you will see with the revival of this one-piece, which will add some stylish nostalgia to your wardrobe.

Overalls Spring 2014

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